2-Pack Electric Ball Splatter, Water Ball Splatters, Automatic & Manual Splatter with 40000 Gel Bead & Goggles, Rechargeable Batteries Powered Outdoor Team Game Toy for Boys Girls Adults, Age 12+

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Product Description


Let’s Have Fun with Handwell Gel Ball Splatters!

The water ball splatter is an excellent option for outdoor recreation. It offers hours of amusement for people of all ages, motivating them to spend time outdoors and engage in physical activity. It serves as an excellent opportunity for families and friends to connect and enjoy each other’s company in holiday or on the weekend.


2 Shooting Mode Selectable: Auto Mode & Manual Mode

These gel splatters provide a superior gaming experience by utilizing an upgraded gearbox and an extra-large hopper. These features offer smoother and faster gameplay, as well as reducing the need for frequent reloading.

Furthermore, by simply flipping a switch, you can select the desired shooting mode to enjoy the game:

Auto Mode

Selecting this mode allows you to enjoy continuous fun without complicated settings. All you need to do is pull the trigger, and the ball splatter will shoot out 5 water beads per second.

Manual Mode:

By selecting this mode, you never need to worry about running out of battery. It also provides a more realistic gaming experience, ensuring that the fun can continue uninterrupted.




Large Capacity Batteries

These automatic ball splatter is equipped with rechargeable battery set that has a larger capacity. Once fully charged, the battery life can last up to 4-5 hours, providing ample time to fully enjoy the exciting game without interruption.

Large Amount of Gel Balls

Comes with 40,000 water beads, these gel ball splatters providing a large quantity of gel balls to fully enjoy the game without worrying about replenishing them frequently. Non-toxic, non-irritating and safe for both the environment and humans. Upon hitting the target, the beads will shatter and automatically disappear within a few hours, eliminating the need for any cleaning and saving time and effort.

High Quality Made

The gel ball splatter is crafted from high-quality ABS material, ensuring its durability and longevity. Unlike other flimsy plastic splatters, this model features a tough casing that is not easily broken, making it a reliable option for long-term use.




Long Lasting

The 2-in-1 mode design allows you to switch to manual mode and continue playing the game even while the batteries are charging. This feature enables you to enjoy uninterrupted fun and meet your long-hour gaming needs, bringing you endless joy.

Safe Fun Game

The package includes two protective goggles that should always be worn while playing games with these electric ball splatters. Not only will this enhance your gaming experience, but it also provides a layer of protection for you and your friends.

Ideal Gift

Using these ball splatters to play games can strengthen the bond between family and friends, making it an ideal activity for both kids and adults. These ball splatters also make perfect gifts for those who enjoy outdoor games, such as your son, grandson, daughter, granddaughter, niece, nephew, or friends. They will be thrilled and satisfied to receive them as gifts for occasions such as Halloween, birthdays, Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving.




【Enhanced Gearbox & 2 in 1 Mode Design】These water bead splatter use an upgraded gearbox for smoother and faster gameplay. It features two modes – auto and manual – for added flexibility. The auto mode allows continuous fun without complicated settings, while the manual mode provides a more realistic gaming experience. Plus, if the battery runs out, the manual mode ensures that the fun can continue uninterrupted.
【Unlimited Gel Balls for Endless Fun】With four packs of water beads, 40,000 balls in total, you won’t have to worry about running out of ammo. You can enjoy hours of non-stop fun with family and friends. Moreover, adopting the upgraded extra lager hopper, you can load more water beads in one time, which reducing the reload frequency! The electric gel splatter comes in two packs, so you can start playing right away without waiting or buying multiple sets.
【Rechargeable Battery & Portable】With high-quality, rechargeable batteries included in the package, these water ball toy set are an eco-friendly and cost-effective option. The compatible charging cables are also included, and all components, including the splatter, batteries, chargers, and accessories, are easy to store and carry. It’s a portable and convenient option for outdoor activities.
【Easy to Use & Safety Notices】These automatic splatter are easy to use. Simply follow the instructions to install the batteries and gel balls, choose your mode, and start playing! However, it’s important to take safety precautions, such as wearing goggles and not aim at human faces or animals. Soak the gel beads for 2-3 hours before the game, and do not let water enter the hopper while loading the gel balls. Have fun while staying safe!


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